Odyssey X2 Series

  • Introducing the new Dual Extruder 3D Printer : Odyssey X2 Series.

  • Constructed similar to its peer model, Odyssey X, it is constructed almost entirely from acrylic, rigid aluminium components & stainless steel hardware. This results in strong and better resistance to climatic factors such as humidity and temperature changes,  corrosion-resistant and warpage prevention.

  • Odyssey X2 series also comes with a full-featured LCD control panel with jog-dial that allows direct control of the printer functionalities. Coupled with SD card, the printer runs print job independently, fuss-free!

  • Direct thermoplastic dual-extruder features a spring loaded ball bearing tensioned system for quality printing.

  • High quality linear guide ways with special grade stainless steel on all axes provide high positional accuracy, superlative smooth motion, long life and unrivalled reliability.

  • Precision trapezoidal four start lead screw employed on Z axis 2GT belt drive system on Z axis.

  • Heated printbed with software temperature setting for greater flexibility – can be simply turned off if not required (eg. for non-heated platform printing with ‘blue’ adhesive tape or diluted PVA glue).



Machine Dimensions (without filament spool attachment) 480 x 405 x 450 mm (WxDxH) (including all protrusions)
Machine Weight 12kg (not including power supply & USB connecting cable)
Technology FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) / Thermoplastic Extrusion
Build Materials PLA, ABS, Flex (tested and supported)
Build Volume 210mm (X) x 210mm (Y) x 240mm (Z) / 10.5L
Machine Resolution / Postitional Accuracy (microstepping) X & Y: 0.025mm / 25 microns , Z: 0.005mm / 5 microns
Printing Accuracy (Minimum Recommended) Wall Thickness: 0.48mm / 480 microns ,
Layer Thickness: 0.1mm / 100 microns

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