Juajasa Sdn Bhd

Company Profile

Jua Jasa Sdn Bhd was incorporated in January 2003 and established as a total solutions provider in Manufacturing, Engineering and Information Technology based industries and educational institutions. From providing a wide range of product consists of high-tech software and hardware to providing consultancy services and maintenances services.

Jua Jasa Sdn Bhd key focus is to assist the local manufacturing industries and higher learning institutions enhance business productivity through advanced information technology. We recognize the local needs to deploy efficient and effective tools and skills to face local and global competition. As a Bumiputera-owned company, Jua Jasa Sdn Bhd had aimed to assist our client to keep their pace with any technological changes in their industries due to continuously evolving applications and the collaborative paradigm in technology word.

Jua Jasa Sdn Bhd provides “end-to-end” IT and manufacturing solutions to meet the ever growing demands of corporate organizations, learning institutions and public (government) sectors for more reliable, scalable and efficient IT solutions. We offer a variety of IT and manufacturing solutions ranging from System Integration, automation of diverse areas of business process and meeting the corporate needs of manufacturing technology in an organization.